To be a place where missionaries and leaders are equipped, empowered by the Holy Spirit and trained to do missions for God’s Kingdom advancement and expansion.


Provide a happy environment and good facilities where people are able to learn to live, love, laugh and work together for the fulfillment of God’s calling upon their lives.


– Establish Bible Study that leads to
– Equip the Body of Christ through
   Calvary Bible School.
– Develop the Community Center 

AMO Chiang Khong was birthed in alignment to the vision of AMO Foundation to establish a base near the border of Laos. It is a mission base located on the east side of Chiang Rai Province which has the vision of reaching out the unreached people group / tribal that can be extended to the neighboring villages inside of Laos. 


It was officially opened last July 7, 2017. 


• Finding a new mission base in a good location is something to be prayed for, after scouting the Chiang Khong area we’ve seen alot of possible buildings that we could rent but it is the grace of God who help us finding the best one for us. 

• Having a new building is not enough we need to develop it. So the following days was full of schedule of cleaning, internet/telephone installation, developing a kitchen and office and even making rooms. 

• Currently we have 2 community outreaches in the North which are Ban Thung Phattana and Ban Tungsai which was opened last March 1, 2017 and one also in the mission base last June 2017. 

• 2018 has been a year of Establishing of AMO Chiang Khong. It started from nothing but God proved His faithfulness and it turns out into something . • One thing that i learned is that working and walking with God in the ministry that He has been entrusted to us would become easier if He’s the One directing.

Christmas Festival Chiang Khong 2018

Ban Pattana Community Outreach

Ban Tungsai Campus Outreach

CFNI Short Term Trip

Central Base Outreach

Anuban Chiang Khong Campus Outreach


1.  Find a ministry partner and secure a $400 budget for the outreach needs
2. Establish and strengthen Bible Study group through family visitations
3. Equip churches and their leaders through Encounter Camp and Calvary Bible School
4. Improve the facilities of the Mission Base. Plan for necessary renovation 
5. Develop the Community Center as a neutral ground for all people.