We are a group of multi-cultural and multinational people committed to love God and to love people. We express it by reaching the unreached through community services and development projects.

Our Vision

To take the Gospel of Christ and to bring a holistic national transformation into this nation, the neighboring countries, the whole region of Asia and the rest of the world. 

Our Mission

To revolutionize the churches in the area of evangelism and church planting through empowering individuals, indigenous people group, discipleship, holistic community services and development.

Our Values

  • Advancing the Kingdom of God
  • Reaching the Unreached
  • Making Disciples
  • Equipping Pioneers
  • Deploying Spiritual Commando

Transforming the Mission Field, into a Mission Force

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What We Do

Everyone action, plans and strategies must be aligned in the will of God and in the vision that God has placed in our lives. Our actions steps leads us to the fulfillment of our destiny as we pursue it with intentionality and passion.

Our Team

We believe there is an inner call into everyone's heart that when triggered, stirred up & awakened by God, it will change the nations of the world. We are God's mouthpiece for His people. Together we can make history with God in our generation!

President & Founder: Bishop Ariel  & Rev. Paz Acuna