AMO Sustainable Farm started in 2017 as a part of the vision to:

1. Supply Food

Our missionaries lives of a minimum of $300 per month. One of our goals is to provide the basic vegetation, meat and dairy needed for the missionaries and local missionaries serving in our Mission Bases. We practice organic farming to deliver healthy and organic food to the missionaries and communities we are in.

2. Send Out Zero-Budget Missionaries

Why zero-budget missionaries? As we go and minister to the developing countries or widely known as third world countries. One of the biggest challenges is finances. We envision that through the sustainable farming and livestock, God will launch missionaries coming from the developing countries to fulfill their God-given call. Our heart is to train and send out missionaries who will not worry about how to be sustained financially in the mission field. We believe that God’s call and global mission is for everyone.

3. Serve the Communities

The goal is to reach out to the 50 nations of Asia. In all of our mission bases there would be a sustainable farming that designed to supply food for our missionaries and serve the communities we reach out to through teaching them how to seize the opportunity they have in their backyard to start sustainable farming.

4. Spread Sustainability

A majority of Asian nations have had poverty as one of the major problems that leads to unemployment and malnutrition. Our goal is to teach and train ministers of the Gospel how to start sustainable farming to provide for their daily needs and support their ministry. Also, to have it as an option to increase their income level.